KBMS (Knowledge Base Management System)

KBMS is the knowledge base data warehouse for referential and configurations data in all TAV Technologies ABS AODB modules.

KBMS is the management application for reference and configuration data in an airport such as:

  • Airport, Airline Codes; IATA, ICAO
  • City, Country Codes; IATA, ICAO
  • Aircraft types, registrations, MTOWs
  • Resource and equipment types within the airport; counters, aerobridges, lounges, carousels, gates etc.
  • Flight-related definitions; flight modes, types, remarks etc.
  • Airport setup data
  • User authorization rules
  • User authentication parameters
  • Notification and alert management
  • Auditing facilities
  • Airport Setup data
  • Media management

Some of the benefits of using KBMS are:

  • Centralized reference data management
  • One time entry of reference data
  • Single point of configuration of ABS modules
  • A reference point for other systems and parties at an airport

Download TAV Technologies KBMS (Knowledge Base Management System) Product Catalog