RMS (Resource Management System)


TAV Technologies RMS, which is also named as Resource Optimization and Tracking Application, is the key for effective planning of the operations at an airport. The management of critical assets are crucial for maximum effectiveness of airport operations. The system helps to improve passenger service levels and enables airports to use their resources more efficiently by better planning and optimum assignment of airport resources and equipment, such as stands, gates, check-in counters and baggage belts.

The system was designed to dramatically increase the level of service and enable airport operators and authorities to manage resources throughout the airport, thanks to a long term academic collaboration which makes use of extensive mathematical modeling and optimization algorithms.

RMS enables the management of airport resources, including, but not limited to:
  • Check-In Desks
  • Bridge Stands
  • Remote Stands
  • Departure Gates
  • Bus Gates
  • Baggage Lateral (Make-up and Chutes)
  • Baggage Carousel



  • Seasonal and Operational resource allocation
  • Gantt Chart based allocation plan, display of activities in time line
  • Aerial View of operation at apron by timeframe 
  • Advanced rule engine and configuration management
  • Advanced conflict management and intelligent resource adjustment
  • Real-time automated scheduling
  • Advanced optimization algorithm
  • Easily adaptable resource profile constraint definition
  • Planned or mandatory ad-hoc maintenance management
  • Easy integration with existing or legacy systems with its open architecture
  • Increases level of services throughout the airport
  • Data integration with other systems through the ESB/MW interface
  • Stand-alone operation with full functionality in case of a connection failure, and synchronization of data once the connection is resumed
  • Compliant with IATA, ICAO and industry related standards
  • Multi-language support
  • Log management
  • Built-in reporting facilities


TAV Technologies RMS core engine is based on the advanced optimization capabilities which are based on Big Bang-Big Crunch Optimization algorithm. The optimization algorithm of the system is developed in cooperation with prestigious academic partners (Istanbul Technical University, and the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey; TUBITAK) using extensive mathematical modelling and optimization algorithms. The optimization algorithm can maximizes the utilization of resources based on the business requirements to increase the revenue generation and customer satisfaction.


The system provides a rule management functionality to ensure all operation are met with the allocation. Soft and hard rules can be defined within the system based on numerous criteria (operational capabilities, financial rules, preferences, etc.). The rules can be prioritized by weighting them, and the optimizer takes defined rules and weightings into account to offer the best fit solution.


The advanced GUI features of TAV Technologies RMS support users in their decision-making processes. Informative visual indicators, easy-to-notice warnings and color-coded resources and flights based on rules and configurations guide users to be able to find the best solution quickly in time-critical operational cases. The system provides an intuitive Gannt user interface and Aerial View of operation at apron by timeframe.

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