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CDM - Collaborative Decision Making

TAV Technologies CDM is an A-CDM platform, fully compliant with the Eurocontrol’s A-CDM concept. The system provides a reliable and dependable platform on which information can be shared between all stakeholders, such as, Aviation Authorities, Airline Operators, Airport Operators, Ground Handling Service Companies, ATC and the NMOC. TAV Technologies A-CDM facilitates the optimum handling of the turn-round process at airports.

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Riga International Airport recognized as an ACDM compliant airport by Euro Control with TAV Technologies Airport Management Solutions

TAV Technologies took the full responsibility of the A-CDM implementation project of the Riga International Airport, Latvia (EU). The project was partially funded by the European Union and completed in collaboration with Euro Control. Within the scope of delivery, TAV Technologies provided the airport management system suite fully compatible with the CDM milestone approach, which comprises: Airport Collaborative Decision-Making portal (desktop & mobile version), AODB - Airport Operational Database, RMS - Resource Management System and IB - Information Broker systems.

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