CMS (Commercial Management Systems)

TAV Technologies CMS is a standalone commercial management application which is particularly developed for airports’ needs, processes and workflows. The system offers extensive flexibility in tariff management, full consistency of data across systems and exquisite accuracy in revenue calculations. 

CMS mainly focuses on revenue calculations from aeronautical and non-aeronautical service usage through its contract management capabilities. The system equips users with a wide range of functionalities with a flexible approach. A significant example is the ability to define any new service type (e.g. rental revenue for rental areas, power consumption revenues) in the system for revenue generation. In this regard,

CMS offers a centralized platform for integrated revenue calculations for full airport services.

Generated revenue records are sent to ERP system for invoicing purposes.


CMS provides a fully automatized data gathering through integrations of various airport systems for billing purposes thereby allowing airport management to generate accurate invoices ruling out human related errors in manual processes. The system runs fully consistently with flight management system, warns the users in case of missing and inconsistent data to achieve data integrity.


  • Management of non-aeronautical charges
  • Automated revenue generation of non-aeronautical charges
  • Automated revenue generation of aeronautical charges
  • Enhanced, fast and dynamic tariff management operations
  • Tariff Management based on rule engine 
    • Flexible rule definition
    • Advanced contract definition
    • Formula definition

Ability to define discount based on user defined rules

  • Easy adaptation and configuration to local financial rules, tax regulations etc.
  • Source and triggering billing processes on any ERP system, very shortened time to invoice
  • Easy adaptation to local financial regulations and rules
  • Rich ERP Integration options (Oracle, SAP etc.)
  • Ready-to-use invoice details reports
  • Ready-to-use periodical financial reports
  • Built-in reporting functionalities, plus

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