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TAV Technologies one of the leading company in airport IT industry serving over 120 million passengers every year.

Innovative Startups who want to turn their creative ideas and projects into reality! We are with you with all our support! The countdown has started for the Airport Startup Day, which will be held for...

TAV Technologies qualified as an R&D Center within the scope of the Ministry of Industry and Technology’s program.

TAV Technologies won second place from the IDC (International Data Corporation), a global leader in IT research and internationally recognized authority, for their TGS RMS (Resource Management System)...

TAV Technologies Social Media Bots

TAV Mobile application makes travel planning easier in addition to enabling real-time access to information on services and promotions offered at the airport. Having been downloaded more than 500,000 times so far, the application's latest social media support instantly provides flight information to the passengers through Facebook and Twitter.

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TAV Technologies with a wide service and products range, from analysis to design, from consultancy to to support and maintenance, provides turn-key solutions for new airport projects. TAV Technologies achieves fast and quality service level for its customers without operational interruption during deployment or development for an existing airport.


AODB - Airport Operation Data Base

AODB is the “heart” of airport operations management.

The system allows management of flight data in real time, shares this data with other systems, and guarantees that operational performance is continuous and consistent. AODB is the source and destination of all operational information generated manually and automatically by internal and external parties, ...


BRS - Baggage Reconciliation System

TAV Technologies Baggage Reconciliation System

Effective baggage management is crucial for passenger satisfaction, flight safety and operational efficiency. TAV Technologies BRS is an advanced solution that contributes to flight safety and operational efficiency through automating the process of reconciling passengers and their checked bags.


CDM - Collaborative Decision Making

TAV Technologies Collaborative Decision Making

TAV Technologies CDM is an A-CDM platform, fully compliant with the Eurocontrol’s A-CDM concept. The system provides a reliable and dependable platform on which information can be shared between all stakeholders, such as, Aviation Authorities, Airline Operators, Airport Operators, Ground Handling Service Companies, ATC and the NMOC. TAV Technologies A-CDM facilitates the optimum handling of the turn-round process at airports.


CIP & VIP Reservation Suite

TAV Technologies VIP & CIP

TAV Technologies VIP & CIP is an operation and reservation suite which enables airports to manage boutique services at airports in a convenient, timely and profitable manner, offering maximum comfort in international standards. The system is designed and implemented to serve and satisfy discerning travelers who value comfortable...



CMS - Commercial Management System

TAV Technologies CMS is a standalone commercial management application

TAV Technologies CMS is a standalone commercial management application which is particularly developed for airports’ needs, processes and workflows. The system offers extensive flexibility in tariff management, full consistency of data across systems and exquisite accuracy in revenue calculations.


CUPPS - Common Use Passenger Processing Systems

TAV Technologies CUPPS Platform

TAV Technologies CUPPS Platform allows multiple airlines to share the same workstations and peripherals, maximizing efficient use of airport resources.Passenger growth in the world continues to rise and is predicted to grow by more than five percent annually. To support this growth, the airports and airlines need to match the increasing demand and improve resource utilization.


FIDS - Flight Information Display System

The TAV Technologies Flight Information Display System (FIDS)

FIDS is an automated system for the distribution and display of real-time flight information to passengers and airport operational staff. It can distribute flight information as well as advertisements and digital-signage content, real-time high definition media, weather forecasts, and social media content to a variety of public and staff display...



IB - Information Broker

The TAV Technologies Information Broker (IB)

IB is a powerful business-oriented ESB (Enterprise Service Bus). A software platform of interfaces and message exchange, TAV Technologies IB is the core of middleware integration between airport systems and other applications. It is equipped with numerous aviation industry standard business connectors for automated...



RMS - Resource Management System

The TAV Technologies Resource Management System

RMSalso called the Resource Optimization and Tracking Application (ROTA), fasciliataes effective airport planning and operations. ROTA improves passenger service quality and efficient use of airport resources through better planning and optimum allocation of resources and equipment such as stands, gates...



SCMS - Slot Coordination System

TAV Technologies  Slot Coordination System

TAV Technologies SCMS is designed to meet the capacity management requirements of airport slot coordinators and capacity planners. It is an efficient, comprehensive and user-friendly system that allows coordinators to plan, manage, monitor and optimize the usage of airport resources in full compliance with IATA standards.


TAV Mobile Applications

TAV Mobile Airport Mobile Applications

TAV Mobile is the first and the most innovative Airport Mobile Application which is supporting multiple airports. The user-friendly interface provides first-time visitors and air traveler up-to-the-minute information about flights (including arrivals and departures, delays, cancellations, gates, and baggage). Moreover, additional features such as augmented reality, indoor navigation and interactive smart zone with extensive content provide a smooth airport experience for passengers by helping them to plan their travel better and save time.



TDAS - Travel Document Authorization System

TAV Technologies Travel Document Authorization System

 An airport certainly makes the first impression of a city or a country and it’s important to get that first impression right. Airports are always struggling of constantly arriving and departing passengers, floating luggage, the constant threat to security and tons of cargo moving in and out of terminals. Hence, a smooth flowing operation is essential for 24x7.



TAV Technologies provides a set of consultancy service covering the entire business requirements of a modern airport management. Just like Special Airport Systems consultancy, it’s our job to compile your management requirements and show what exactly you need.

Car Park & Valet Parking Systems

Car Park and Valet Park Management constitute important components of airport operations.


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TAV Technologies work closely with business owners to architect the "best fit" solution based on their business needs and guide them an optimal mix of product, technology and resources.

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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

TAV Technologies, being one of the certified Oracle partners in Turkey, work closely with business owners to architect the "best fit" solution based on their business needs...

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System and Infrastructure Services

In the current global situation, a structure management approach for IT Service Continuity becomes more and more important.

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