Turkish Ground Services (TGS) trusts TAV Technologies for Resource Optimization

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Turkish Ground Services (TGS) trusts TAV Technologies for Resource Optimization

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Phase 1 implementations of TAV Technologies Ground Handling Suite (GHS)  has been completed successfully after 1,5 years. The award-winning application will help TGS Company with planning their mobile resources, optimizing their processes, improving employee satisfaction, and reducing operational costs.


As the first step of the project, TAV Technologies Software Development and User Applications teams set up meetings with TGS Coordination & project teams to gather requirements and have a deeper understanding of the TGS processes. Following series of meetings and site visits, teams identified issues that did not meet needs and collected requests for all units in the ground handling services. As per the second step, TAV Technologies analyzed the list of requirements gathered, considering the flexibility and optimization possibilities requested by TGS. 


Following the first two steps, the project progressed successfully with integrations of TGS' previously used applications. With the necessary integrations, reference data within TGS flow smoothly into the system developed by TAV Technologies. With the analysis and integration data, TAV Technologies carried on with the development of the features by applying the agile method as a team. At the end of each sprint, the approval of the TGS was obtained, thus ensuring perfected progress. A mobile application suitable for TGS’ needs was developed by TAV Technologies.


Once the applications got the TGS approvals, pre-prod and prod environments were developed. LOAD/UNLOAD, UTEM, BUS, and PUSHBACK units were installed individually. While the units were set up, the mobile application was also installed on the field.


With this application, TGS will...


Phase 1 of the two-phased project enables TGS to handle each flight according to its different characteristics and creates a related task using the flexible structure. The application also ensures an efficient, highly motivated working environment among the staff by distributing the workload evenly among the resources.


The advanced mobile application provides bi-directional communication between TGS resources and dispatchers. The map application offers real-time travel schedule calculations by entering the service points of each parking position on the apron and the distances to the parking positions one by one. Therefore, real-time tasks can be performed on planned resources. 


Taking advantage of TAV Technologies GHS's dynamic rule sets, the system responds automatically to changes on the operation side rather than updating changes manually. The system's optimizer engine helps TGS operators to determine the best time to plan tasks and meal breaks, taking into account intervals where the flight density is minimum, thus reducing the operational costs on the TGS side. 


The system's powerful and flexible notification infrastructure ensures that resources and dispatchers are aware of every moment of the operation and the system's advanced web-based architecture provides the live operation to be followed from anywhere. GHS's multi-language feature ensures that the personnel in the apron can use the application in the desired language.


By TAV Technologies GHS solution, TGS manages its operations with different configurations for varied units by flexibly managing all information depending on the configuration. Thanks to the Critical Range feature, TGS can plan critical time for the operations first. 


The system's advanced density chart report displays the percentage of the operational tasks that are planned to the resources in the selected periods so that TGS can observe the efficiency of its operations in real-time. The system also keeps the history of resources and tasks in detail, making it easier to follow and report the operation.


The next step...


Phase 2 of the project will enable TGS to optimize all the Vehicles that transport the materials loaded into the aircraft, including operations, jeep and crew vehicles, the garbage vehicles that ensure the removal of solvents during the cleaning of the cabin, the wastewater vehicles that serve aircraft, healthcare vehicles and the distribution of luggage in the Cargo - Chute area.


In addition, the solution will optimize the Operations personnel management; covering all personnel for welcoming arrivals, departures, boarding and visa/passport control.


Phase 2 will also offer TGS a planning module for long-term forecast personnel planning, plus a flight management system. The system will provide a team editor that allows shift-based task changes.



About TGS:


TGS Ground Services established by the partnership of Turkish Airlines and Havas has been in the ground handling business since 1 January 2010; continues its operation in Atatürk airport, Istanbul airport, Sabiha Gokcen airport, Milas-Bodrum airport, and 9 airports in total for more than 200 airport companies by providing ground handling services. TGS offers all the activities within the scope of ground handling services with international quality standards for more than 104 million passengers and 709 thousand flights of domestic and foreign airlines with over 8 thousand equipment and over 15 thousand personnel. TGS, which provides ramp, operations, cargo, and passenger services within the framework of Airports Ground Handling Regulations, adopts the perfect service understanding while taking customer satisfaction as the company policy.