What is Infokiosk?

An information kiosk basically displays information through an interactive menu structure designed to provide a catalog, map, campaign list, or other significant instruction. Information kiosks work like computers, combining software, hardware, and connectivity features.

They are beneficial tools to gather data on relevant information and redistribute it in an easier format for the people. Information kiosks are widely used in various places such as malls, hospitals, airports, or universities to display nearby attraction points, assist through wayfinding services, and share advertisements regarding specific products and services.

Benefits of Infokiosk

  • Increased customer engagement
  • Self-service capability
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Decreased employee costs

TAV Technologies Information Kiosk

TAV Technologies Information kiosk is a multi-language electronic information solution that helps airport operators create and deliver various types of information to passengers and employees. This solution benefits from the latest technologies and advanced tools available in the market to enhance the passenger experience in the airport. It has a positive effect on transforming the passenger journey from a stressful experience to a smooth experience.

What does TAV Technologies Information Kiosk Offer?

Information kiosks are virtual assistants that provide intuitive, user-friendly, and quick service to passengers and airport visitors. Passengers can accomplish various transactions through TAV Technologies Infokiosk:

  • Scanning boarding passes
  • Selecting a desired location on the map
  • Routing to the boarding gate or the desired location within the terminal area

 TAV Technologies Infokiosk


Key features of TAV Technologies InfoKiosk:

  • Multi-touch display application
  • Dynamic routing to reach the target location
  • Navigation throughout the airport
  • Commercials to generate advertising revenue
  • Delivery of page content to the e-mail address or phone by SMS
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Multi-language end-user interfaces (both kiosk and management applications support multi-language features)
  • Intuitive menu structure and graphical displays
  • Dynamic menu component and page editor to manage the content of kiosks from a central management application
  • Easy-to-design user interfaces
  • Easy-to-manage
  • Modular, flexible, and easily configurable system
  • Real-time change management
  • Additional information presented using photos, videos, etc. (i.e. City, Country, Historical Places)
  • Recorded usage statistics
  • Compliant with industry standards (IATA, ICAO standards)

What is TAV Technologies Passenger Information System?

‘Passenger Information System’ provides various information services, including news, weather forecasts, exchange rates, city information, transportation options, and special offers. TAV Technologies InfoKiosk receives up-to-date data from integrated systems to distribute information.

Passenger Information System is also an effective medium to generate non-aeronautical revenue, promoting specific products and services through commercials on Infokiosk screens.

TAV Technologies Infokiosk Tablet & Mobile Application

TAV Technologies Kiosk


TAV Technologies also offers a mobile version of the Kiosk application, which can be used on tablets and mobile phones.

The application can be used by airport staff to guide passengers and share necessary info by allowing quick access to the airport information. The solution comes with durable tablets for increased efficiency and lowered long time maintenance costs. The system prevents the agents to access the operating systems and only allows access to the kiosk application and relevant features.

The mobile applications can be downloaded by passengers for real-time wayfinding. The application can be integrated with location services (such as Beacon Platforms) to guide the passengers with the best available accuracy.

Infokiosk Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the FAQ section for the airport info kiosk system:


Q1.How does an airport info kiosk work?

An airport info kiosk is an interactive touch-screen device that allows passengers to search for information by entering keywords or selecting options from a menu.

Q2.What are the benefits of using an Infokiosk?

Info kiosks provide several benefits for airports and airlines, including reduced wait times, improved passenger experience, and reduced staffing costs. They also allow passengers to access information and services at their own pace and convenience.