Passenger Flow Management Platform

Passenger Flow Management Platform


What is Passenger Flow Management?


Passenger Flow Management (PFM) is a set of solutions used to detect, track, and manage overall passenger traffic through airport touchpoints.

TAV Technologies PFM

Benefits of Passenger Flow Management


Passenger flow management ensures a seamless passenger flow through the entire boarding and arrival process to maximize airport resources, as well as offer a positive passenger journey.

It is critical to understand how people move throughout the airport in terms of evaluating the current capacity and forecasting the possible negative effects of delays or disruptions. Passenger flow management system is highly beneficial for airport employees to see where travelers move and spend most of their time before their flights. Passenger flow management system also offers a better understanding of passenger behavior for each flight.

TAV Technologies Passenger Flow Management Platform


TAV Technologies Passenger Flow Management Platform uses queue management technology to reduce waiting times at airports, optimize passenger experience, and increase airports revenues.

The platform covers every step of the passenger journey within the airport. These steps include:

  • Entrance, Security Checkpoints & Customs
  • Check-in Counters
  • Bag Drop & Reclaim Areas
  • Retail Ares, Food & Beverage Areas and Lounges
  • Possible Wet Areas (Toilets, baby care rooms, ex…)
  • Taxi & Bus Stations

TAV Technologies passenger flow touchpoints

How TAV Technologies Passenger Flow Management Platform Works


The Passenger Flow Management Platform platform follows the passenger touchpoints through smart cameras and passenger flow is controlled regularly to detect unexpected cases. Airport users can access TAV Technologies Passenger Flow Management Platform’s responsive architecture anywhere at any time on their IOS and Android devices.

The platform follows below passenger flow metrics continuously

  • Passenger Count
  • Queue Length
  • Passenger Wait Times & Predictions
  • Passenger Processing Time and Volume
  • Counter Allocations
passenger flow management platform TAV Technologies

The platform sends automatic notifications every time the predefined KPI threshold is exceeded to control each step of the passenger journey. These notifications are sent to the relevant airport employees directly through the platform alert system and integrated Teams channel.

Benefits of TAV Technologies Passenger Flow Management Platform


Eliminating the complexity of passenger flow in the airport is possible with the TAV Technologies Passenger Flow Management Platform. Effective passenger flow management means better passenger experience, more leisure time spent in the airport, advertising in the most crowded areas, making staff & asset utilization predictable, and an increase in revenues.

1. Passenger Satisfaction


Passenger Flow Management Platform reduces wait time, hereby increases passenger satisfaction through providing ease and more leisure time.

2. Improved Queue Performance


TAV Technologies Passenger Flow Management Platform guarantees improved queue performance with reliable real-time people counts, dwell, and wait time analytics.

3. Aligned with Health Precautions


Aligned with Health Precautions, the platform controls the social distance between passengers through cameras and regularly measures the air quality. It follows social distancing rules and shows passenger density with heat map technology. It supports taking the necessary Covid-19 measures and early intervention in the points where the measures are insufficient.

4. Increased Advertising Revenues


Passenger Flow Management Platform shows the busiest spots for ad displays.

Key Features of TAV Technologies Passenger Flow Management Platform

  • Centrally Controllable
  • Easy to Use
  • Continuous KPI measurement
  • Prediction capacity through using previous data
  • Detection of crowded areas with the heat map technology
  • Decision-making capability through historical data

Frequently Asked Questions


Q1.What types of data can be collected with a Passenger Flow Management System?


A Passenger Flow Management System can collect a wide range of data, including passenger flow rates, wait times, queue lengths, and passenger demographics.

Q2.What are the key features of a Passenger Flow Management Platform?


The key features of a Passenger Flow Management Platform include real-time monitoring of passenger movement, predictive analytics for forecasting passenger traffic, and integration with other airport systems to provide a comprehensive view of airport operations. These systems also typically include tools for managing passenger queues and providing real-time information to passengers.

Q3.How does a Passenger Flow Management System improve airport security?


A Passenger Flow Management System can be used to identify and track suspicious behavior, such as loitering or unauthorized access to restricted areas. This allows security personnel to respond quickly and effectively to potential threats.