PAX Analyzer

PAX Analyzer

What is Pax Analyzer?


Pax Analyzer is an advanced analytic solution developed to evaluate passenger movement behavior inside the terminal, processing performances of check-in, border control, and gate desks, also providing predictions for next hours and days with flight, airline, and destination breakdowns for airport operation planning teams. Pax Analyzer provides insight about the passenger movement, dwell time characteristics inside the terminal, counts in airside and landside, processing speeds of check-in, border control, boarding desks of the same destination, flight, or airline.


How does Pax Analyzer Work?


Pax Analyzer provides real-time analytics and predictions by utilizing boarding pass-related passenger process events performed at CUPPS, TDAS systems, and AIDX messages of flights. Analyzes based on passenger tracking are carried out using the date and times of the passenger's processes at three different workstations: check-in desk, border control, and gate. Also, there is four types of Pax Analyzer solution exist depending on the event source configuration:

  • Type 1: CUPPS
  • Type 2: CUPPS + TDAS
  • Type 3: CUPPS + AIDX
  • Type 4: CUPPS + AIDX + TDAS

Pax Analyzer is compatible with TAV Technologies CUPPS, TDAS, TAMS FMS solutions, but it can also work with 3rd party solutions if the event message standards are followed.

PAX analyzer flow


Features of TAV Technologies Pax Analyzer 


1.Real-time Analytics:

  • Passenger arriving time patterns to the check-in desks with flight, airline, destination, and terminal breakdowns.
  • Passenger dwell times in landside or airside with flight, airline, destination, and terminal breakdowns with flight, airline, destination, and terminal breakdowns.
  • Passenger counts in airside and landside with flight, airline, destination, and terminal breakdowns.
  • Passenger processing speeds at check-in, border control, gate desks with flight, airline, destination, and terminal breakdowns.
  • Processing desk efficiencies and utilization with flight, airline, destination, and terminal breakdowns.
  • Overall check-in, border control, boarding process durations of flights
  • Mobile boarding pass, transfer passenger ratios.


2.Post-Operation Analytics:


All data specified in the real-time analytics section is stored to let the user monitor the daily operational changes for any period.


3.Predictive Analytics:

  • Arriving passenger count predictions for terminals with each 30 minute time window in the next three days.
  • Airside and landside passenger count predictions for terminals with each 30 minute time window in the next three days.


Other Features of TAV Technologies PAX Analyzer:

  • Dashboard page and chart creation
  • Customizable chart sizes, positions
  • Advanced user management
  • UI customization
  • Performance comparison between different days and terminals
  • Playlist creation with selected dashboards
  • Smart tables with column filters
  • Flexible time range selections
  • Map views
  • Alerts and notification creation and customization
  • MS Teams integration for alerts and notifications
  • Kiosk mode views
  • Dark and light themes
  • Different theme selection for each user
  • Chart related detailed explanations in tooltips


Benefits of TAV Technologies Pax Analyzer 



PAX Analyzer provides a better understanding of the needs at passenger processing points.


2.Situational Awareness:

PAX Analyzer improves the situational awareness of the passenger flows inside the airport.



PAX Analyzer focuses on airport passenger data analytics with artificial intelligence capabilities to deliver data insights and predictive scenarios.


4.Capacity Planning and Profitability:

PAX Analyzer helps leverage airport infrastructure data for better and fine-grained capacity planning, and optimization for fixed and mobile resources.


5.Passenger Satisfaction:

PAX Analyzer Increases passenger satisfaction with reduced queues and builds more secure and healthy terminals for them.

PAX Analyzer Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to frequently asked questions about Pax analyzer technology:


Q1.How does a Pax Analyzer work?

A Pax Analyzer collects and analyzes passenger data from various sources, such as boarding passes, check-in systems, and security checkpoints. It then provides insights into passenger behavior, such as travel patterns and preferences.

Q2.Is a Pax Analyzer compatible with other airport systems?

Yes, a Pax Analyzer can be integrated with other airport systems, such as baggage handling systems and flight information systems, to provide a comprehensive view of airport operations. This allows airport operators to make data-driven decisions and optimize airport processes.