Customer Feedback Handling Policy

Customer Feedback Handling Policy

TAV Bilişim Hizmetleri A.Ş. (“TAV Technologies”) aims to effectively handle customer complaints with a quality approach that takes financial, operational and organizational requirements into account by acting in line with national and international legislation in the design and provision of airport technological infrastructure services.

TAV Technologies declares its Customer Complaints Handling Policy aiming to increase its customers’ satisfaction in every interaction in line with its sustainability goals.

TAV Technologies handles all requests from its customers promptly and with due care and diligence in order to protect the value and reputation of the TAV brand. It resolves its customers’ requests as soon as possible and with the most appropriate means that will increase customer satisfaction. 

In the handling of customer complaints, the feedbacks received from the accounts created on the Customer Success Portal for each customer are evaluated in a way that adheres to the basic principles and without making any discrimination between customer profiles.

Respecting Impartiality, Confidentiality and Information Integrity: Each complaint is evaluated in a fair, impartial and unbiased manner during the complaint handling process. Personal information about the complainant is only accessible within the organization for the purpose of handling of the complaint and is not disclosed unless the customer or the complainant explicitly consents to its disclosure.

Customer-Focused and Qualified: The approach towards the complaints focuses on prioritizing the customer needs and expectations, and is always open to feedback. All necessary means are provided to TAV Technologies employees to ensure that they have the necessary personal behaviors, knowledge, education, training and experience to handle complaints.

Accountable and Continuously Improved: Our company's decisions and actions regarding the handling of complaints are accountable and sustained through reporting. The performance of our process is monitored, measured and assessed to ensure its continuous improvement.

Transparent and Accessible: It is ensured that our complaint handling process and the information supporting them are communicated to all related parties in an easily comprehensible and usable manner and made easily accessible to all complainants. Detailed information on the filing and resolution of complaints is duly communicated to complainants to ensure that they are well informed about the process.