Quality Management System Policy

Quality Management System Policy

TAV Bilişim Hizmetleri A.Ş. (“TAV Technologies”) aims to meet customer expectations in the design and provision of aviation technology infrastructure services while acting in compliance with the national and international legislation and a quality understanding based on the principles of corporate business ethics.

TAV Technologies declares its Quality Policy in order to bring together its employees, customers, suppliers and all third-party business partners it works with under the same goal in line with the purposes of sustainability.

The company aims to take its place among the leading organizations in the international competition by responding to the customer needs in the aviation technology industry while involving all its stakeholders. Thus, TAV Technologies is committed to continuous improvement of its Quality Management System to achieve this target.

Searching for Excellence in Service: TAV Technologies adopts a culture of excellence and increases efficiency in all its processes with a continuous improvement approach and competes in the international geography.

Displaying Customer Oriented Approach: Considering different cultures of its customers; TAV Technologies evaluates all their feedback in an effective manner by taking their present and future expectations and needs into account to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level.

Creating A Difference with Our Employees: TAV Technologies employees are aware of the value they add to the customer by their work and have adopted the business processes and values of the company, deliver solutions, share knowledge and experience, take part in teamwork and continuously improve themselves.

Using Cutting-Edge Technology: TAV Technologies uses and ensures the use of high technology in the design and provision of aviation operational management systems and technology services, based on innovative and creative approaches that will provide competitive advantage and are suitable for the necessities of the time.

Improving Continuously: TAV Technologies displays a systematical and disciplined approach with risk and opportunity management. The company regularly reviews its quality management system, handles risks to mitigate them and turns them into opportunities and makes this a sustainable process.