Occupational Health & Safety Management System Policy

Occupational Health & Safety Management System Policy

TAV Bilişim Hizmetleri A.Ş. (“TAV Technologies”) aims to meet the expectations of its customers and employees with an approach that takes corporate business ethics and occupational health & safety principles into account by acting in line with national and international legislation in the design and provision of aviation technological infrastructure services.

TAV Technologies declares its Occupational Health & Safety Policy in order to bring together its employees, customers, suppliers and all third-party business partners that it works with in line with occupational health & safety objectives.

Leadership: Leads the employees to take part in the decision-making stages regarding necessary issues by involving the senior management, managers and employees at all levels in occupational health & safety processes and taking the ideas and opinions of employees into account order to achieve occupational health & safety objectives.

Healthy and Safe Workplace: Ensures that the injuries and deteriorations in health conditions caused by our workplace environment and activities are prevented by keeping occupational health & safety at the highest level.

Employee Participation and Consultation: Ensures that the opinions, suggestions and support of employees and employee representatives are obtained at every stage with respect to occupational health & safety issues. This increases the awareness and personal skills of employees regarding occupational health & safety.

Risk and Opportunity Management: Conducts efforts to identify and eliminate Occupational Health & Safety hazards and to reduce the risks of all employees in line with the goal of zero work accidents and occupational diseases; and ensures that employees gain this perspective and adopt occupational health & safety culture.

Legal and Other Requirements: Ensures compliance with National and International legislation and agreements and complies with standards.

Occupational Health & Safety Management System: Establishes and ensures the implementation of occupational health & safety-related processes and effectively conducts occupational health & safety processes through its continuous interaction with customers, employees and subcontractors. 

Continuous Improvement: Regularly measures and reviews the performance of the occupational health & safety management system and continuously improves its performance in this area by considering the occupational health & safety expectations from employees and related parties.