TAV Technologies is Honored with New Awards

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TAV Technologies is Honored with New Awards

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TAV Technologies develops advanced technology solutions both for airport operations and passenger experience. It offers total technology management, covering three main streams of information technologies in one company: in-house software development, contractor for complex ICT projects, and IT operations management & consultancy.

Awarded by IDC at CIO Awards with TAMS and Preorder Management Platform

International Data Corporation (IDC) regularly rewards successful projects and outstanding leaders in IT and technology management. Our two technology solutions have been deemed worthy of IDC CIO Awards after being evaluated by respected sector professionals.

Total Airport Management Suite (TAMS) integrates multiple solutions from resource management to ground handling services under one roof as a single airport management platform. It is a next-generation airport management tool designed to follow airside and landside operations from a single platform. The system uses state-of-the-art technologies to ease the decision-making process for airport managers. In addition to these, airport operation teams can benefit from modern algorithms and rule sets that minimize human errors. Accordingly, airports efficiently can increase their operational performance.

The Pre-order Management Platform is an easy order application that enables passengers to select items and make payments online. It is a web-based, real-time food and beverage system specially designed for airports. It provides efficiency for passengers by eliminating the cashpoint waiting process.

TAV Technologies is awarded by IDC at CIO Summit 2022 with its Total Airport Management Suite (TAMS) and Pre-order Management Platform under Change Management and IT Cost Efficiency categories. This award became the symbol of our success that relies on digitalization.

One More Award for Preorder Management Platform by CXO Media

TAV Technologies is also awarded by CXO Media at CIO Awards with its Preorder Management Platform. CXO Media is a popular B2B communication channel for companies and top leaders. Our platform is selected among the best IT projects at the Award Ceremony regarding customer satisfaction, strategic influence, financial and operational impact.

TAV Technologies will continue investing in airport technologies to elevate passenger journeys and enhance operations all over the world with its IT solutions and software development power.