The Passenger Perspective: Assessing the Impact of Airport Technology

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The Passenger Perspective: Assessing the Impact of Airport Technology

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TAV Technologies conducted research covering 64 countries to understand better how passengers experience technology at the airport. This research provided insights on critical topics such as passengers' technology use, adaptation levels, and perception of new technologies.

Participant Profile

The graph below shows the demographics of the participants in detail:



Collected responses to the first question demonstrate that passport control, boarding, and baggage claim points are significant problems for passengers.

Passengers think that solutions such as Wifi, virtual boarding passes, and facial recognition systems are beneficial to have a positive airport experience.

Ticketing and check-in processes are frequently managed through technological systems.

Majority of the respondents are likely to use mobile apps to receive real-time information.

Biometric technologies are now much more popular among passengers.

Respondents are likely to benefit from biometric solutions, especially in boarding control and passport control points.

The majority of the survey participants feel comfortable using biometrics in their travel journeys.

Privacy issues and misuse of data are the biggest concerns of passengers when they are asked about biometric technologies.

"Electrical take-off and landing" is a new concept for most of the respondents. 

%66 of the survey participants are positive about the use of E-VTOLs.

The passengers expect different contributions from the use of eVTOLS.