TAV Technologies is a “Great Place to Work”

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TAV Technologies is a “Great Place to Work”

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TAV Technologies was awarded with “Great Place to Work” certification by participating in the program run by the Great Place to Work Institute, which works on workplace culture and employee satisfaction in more than 60 countries.

TAV Technologies, specialized in airport technology solutions, accredited its work on employee satisfaction by an independent assessment. The company was awarded with the certification by the Great Place to Work Institute, which provides research and consultancy services on corporate culture.


TAV Technologies General Manager Kerem Öztürk said,

“Today we are present at more than 30 airports in 12 countries with our products and services. Thanks to our multinational and competent human resources, we compete on a global scale. Employee satisfaction is at the center of all our processes. We are working to develop a trust-based business culture that is based on transparent and open communication, where employees can participate in decision-making processes. We evaluated the results of our work by the Great Place to Work Institute, which conducts an internationally comprehensive program in this field. Our goal is always to be among the best employers by keeping the happiness of our employees at the highest level.”


TAV Technologies Deputy General Manager, Human Resources, Candemir Akyıldız added,

“Ensuring employee loyalty and satisfaction is an asset in business life, especially in labor-intensive sectors such as the aviation industry. We are following TAV Airports Holding, Human Resources Group President Hakan Öker’s principle of "Being always fair for the employees and doing the right thing for the company", which is aimed for all group companies as an indispensable part of our transparent and fair management culture.”