In airports with the BRS system, passenger baggage movements are traced from check in to take off and beyond. By using flight information which provides departure, gate and loading ground data, the BRS system provides information to loaders which facilitates the baggage loading process. Baggage containers and cars are assigned to flights and data are recorded as baggage is loaded into containers or storehouses.

As baggage arrives to be loaded personnel are informed whether the baggage will be loaded or not; if the baggage will not be loaded the reason or the problem is also stated. As containers and stacked baggage are being loaded onto the aircraft, the destination of each bag in the aircraft is recorded by the BRS system. This information is very valuable when unloading of baggage is required, as it facilitates the finding of baggage and minimizes delays at departure.

BRS manages all baggage finding functions including transit and transfer baggage.

It also decreases costs in general as very different types of management information of the baggage process and inquiry functions are provided. Increased consistency of information regarding passenger baggage improves customer service considerably.

TAV Technologies provides BRS system design, installation and authorized personnel training with its certified administrators. Currently, BRS system support is provided in 5 airports from Istanbul to Tunisia, 24/7 with SLA conditions.

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