How to Achieve Next Generation Airport Management

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How to Achieve Next Generation Airport Management

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Next-generation airport management systems from TAV Technologies are helping create the smart airport of the future.

The aviation sector is experiencing rapid growth, with demand projected to double to 8.2 billion air travelers per year by 2037. Air transport is now accepted as a fundamental pillar of our global society, indispensable to our daily lives, and essential for social progress and economic prosperity. The growing availability of affordable air travel has considerably widened aviation’s role in society. It is no longer a luxury. 

The air transport of cargo is also in great demand. Last year airlines globally transported 64,000,000 tons of cargo to markets around the world. This activity supported a third of global trade by value, generated 65 million jobs and underpinned US$2.7tn of GDP. This cargo and passenger growth is driving competition among airports, airlines and ground-handling companies to provide the best service, with the relationship between these stakeholders becoming increasingly important. 

Best use of resources 

 airportAccurate and optimal use of airport, ground-handling and airline resources is more valuable than ever. Today, the efficient use of these limited resources is a matter of operational excellence. Capturing the perfect harmony in airport operations is only possible by using next-generation technologies within the airport infrastructure. All stakeholders in the airport environment require access to sufficient, high-quality and cost-effective infrastructure to meet the rising demand for air transport. Digital development, meanwhile, takes the passenger journey to the next level. Digital transformation is creating new opportunities through service innovation, technology, business processes and operations. 


Part of Groupe ADP (Aéroports de Paris), TAV Technologies, a system integrator and software vendor, is working on next-generation airport management systems. These will bring vast technical and operational expertise to the smart airport management domain by applying cutting-edge technologies and infrastructure to increase operational efficiency in airports. 

To create the smart airports of the future, TAV Technologies is focusing on the use of various data resources by implementing big data technologies to break down the boundaries between traditional siloed IT systems, apply new modular architectures such as micro-services and containers, and decorate them with a brilliant user interface and experience approach. 

TAV Technologies’ total airport management suite has been designed to: improve operational performance and efficiency by adopting artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML); deliver advanced airport performance and efficiency management with KPI tracking and real-time monitoring, backed up by Internet of Things and computer vision technologies; and provide new optimization methods, multiple KPI objective functions and AI-based suggestion engines and to meet the varying optimization needs and goals of airports. 

The suite will also deliver a global, holistic view of airport operations with accurate and complete information on flights and resources for all stakeholders, as well as a modular, flexible software approach to all operational processes, suiting all sizes of airports, from regional airports to large hubs, using micro-services and containers on cloud architecture. It has been designed to give a brilliant user experience via a central portal by implementing user experience (UX) and design thinking (DT) principles to remove friction for operational users and passengers. 

These next-generation airport management systems will be a tool in helping airports and their stakeholders to be more proactive in their use of resources and passenger processing operations. All stakeholders will work together, contributing their own view of airport operations to a real-time knowledge base that is more than the sum of its parts. TAV Technologies believes that predictive capabilities will help provide one of the most valuable assets in the aviation ecosystem, improving operational efficiency through next-generation airport management systems

TAV Innovation Center

New high-tech premises 


TAV Technologies has relocated to a new high-technology office, a 16,150ft2 (1,500m2) space with two laboratories and an innovation center. Thanks to this TAV Innovation Center, TAV Technologies can test all its competencies in the sector, as well as the solutions it has developed for every stage of the journey, for passengers or cargo.

next generation airport management

This article originally appeared in Passenger Terminal World.