How to Create Airports of Tomorrow

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How to Create Airports of Tomorrow

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Airport operations today are extremely challenging and as the aviation traffic increases without showing any sign of slowing down, airports are under pressure to improve operations and meet the passengers’ demands for better services. Therefore, it’s important for airport operators to find ways to achieve operational excellence and optimize passenger flow without compromising security and comfort. To deal with the rising passenger count through the existing airport infrastructure, airports will turn to technology for answers. TAV Technologies being an R&D Centre adopts to latest developments in technology and data sciences bringing a new perspective to the Aviation sector.

Airports need a central platform for total airport management including all landside and airside processes aligned with existing concepts and systems but integrates them into one holistic architecture. TAV Technologies is focusing on the use of various data resources by implementing big data technologies and data analytics to break down the boundaries between traditional siloed IT systems. These implementations of big data technologies and data analytics with AI-based suggestion engines will also help airports to leverage ‘what-if’ scenario planning and simulation tools, powered by business analytics. Anticipating potential bottlenecks or latent capacity in the airports will enable operators to take proactive actions. The evolution from a reactive approach toward pro-active collaborative decision making will help airports to proactively respond to problems, applying a new way of thinking with predictions.

Creating airports of tomorrow and ensuring operational excellence is no easy task. For creating next-generation airport management systems TAV Technologies is bringing their vast technical and operational expertise to the smart airport management domain by applying cutting-edge technologies. TAV Technologies will improve operational performance and efficiency by adopting artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) delivering a 'performance-driven' airport through holistic monitoring of demand and capacity. Airports of tomorrow will need new optimization methods too. TAV Technologies’ new optimization method of airport process will increase revenue by multiple KPI optimization engines and gain immediate results in operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. This approach will improve efficiencies further by including data on weather forecasts, flight prioritization, traffic between runway stands, baggage and passenger flow.

TAV Technologies adopts Design Thinking principles to offer these cutting-edge technologies with a new revolutionary user interface approach. Our engineers analyzed every click of the operation and tailored them to personnel’s needs. This ensures that the operations are done easiest and fastest way available, offering a better user experience.