Digital Transformation in Aviation for Post COVID World

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Digital Transformation in Aviation for Post COVID World

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Aviation started in the 18th century with the hot air balloon then took a large step with the construction of the first powered airplane by the Wright brothers in the early 1900s. Since then, aviation has been technologically revolutionized by the introduction of jet engines and became a major form of transport throughout the world. Aviation is now a giant sector, covering many vital operations under its roof.


The sector has faced many crises during its life but when the COVID-19 crisis hit resulting in countries closing their borders, the whole aviation industry was affected. Travel restrictions, changes in passenger behaviors, and the economic recession meant a dramatic drop in demand for air travel. Minimizing the possibility of transmission within the airports and rebuilding the passengers’ confidence will be a collaborative effort of all aviation stakeholders.


The Digital Transformation


ACI Global Traveler Survey shows that only half of the passengers want to travel again soon. Aviation needs to understand the reasons and provide solutions for changing behaviors. Digital transformation is a great tool for reaching high passenger satisfaction rates but today there is something more important than satisfaction, “passenger confidence rates”. Technology will be a companion for aviation while facing the changes and will be the key to achieve necessary adaptations.


The concept of seamless travel experience is not a vision for airports around the world but a need for ensuring the flow of passengers through terminal building uninterrupted, safely and without any delay or queuing. The first step will be analyzing and having a better understanding of passenger flow within the airport by utilizing tools like TAV Technologies Passenger Flow Management Platform. This platform will help airports to identify pressure points within a terminal and these points are managed and optimized helping airports to avoid the queues that the passengers are scared of.


The Passenger Flow Management Platform can be used at every step of the journey within the airport allowing operators to take quick actions on issues such as hygiene and social distance rules that are inevitable for today’s world. TAV Technologies Passenger Flow Management Platform offers queue management technology enhanced with necessary prevention capabilities.


Self Service Solutions

Self-service technologies deployed at vital touchpoints throughout the passenger journey will help greatly optimizing passenger flow. TAV Technologies Travel Document Authorization System (TDAS) is a complete solution that is ready to be integrated with biometrics, helping airports to create a seamless passenger experience.


Biometric technologies will increase passenger confidence while ensuring a more secure and improved passenger experience. TAV Technologies TDAS solution is aimed to play a vital role in the recovery of the COVID pandemic for the aviation sector due to its advanced touchless features. This solution will help to avoid contact between passengers and airport personnel and equipment while removing the need to handle identity documents and boarding passes, in the end, boosting the passengers’ confidence in the air travel.


Real-time information sharing is another must during and post-pandemic world. Airports need to take advantage of their existing communication channels and inform their passengers at every step of their journey. TAV Technologies Flight Information Display System (FIDS) not only ensures the distribution of flight information to a variety of public and staff display devices, it also shows advertisements, media, and data streams such as social media feeds, real-time weather forecast data, news and external web content which can display COVID measures for the airport. The comfort of having real-time information will help to rebuild passengers’ confidence.


Moving Towards Digital Airport

Contactless passenger experience cannot be complete without the digitalization of retail and food & beverage areas. TAV Technologies Smart Gate Order Platform will transform the shopping process into three stages. Choose, Pay, and Take. Passengers will feel safer with fewer interactions, avoiding unnecessary queues. This platform can be easily integrated with the existing airport applications. The passengers can take advantage of this platform at every step of their journey. They can order their shopping items before coming to the airport by their mobile and pick up their order from any designated area or their gates. This solution improves the passenger experience and enhances the airport's non-aeronautical revenues at the same time...


With digitalization in every step of passengers’ journey, airports are becoming more “Digital”. Aviation needs to keep up with the changing passenger behaviors and adapt to their demands. TAV Technologies’ award-winning Digital Airport Platform (DAP) is aimed to shed a light on this issue helping airports to offer the best customer experience. DAP is a digital platform designed with a modular approach that offers the services needed by the passengers at the airports and its surroundings. The platform prioritizes the passenger experience and can be easily adapted to airports covering all channels.


In conclusion…


Aviation is one of the most important industries in today's world connecting continents and shortening distances. As TAV Technologies we are determined to offer the most innovative solutions for the sector and help them exceed commonly accepted international standards. Collaborative efforts of today will secure tomorrow of aviation...