How To Reach Convenience at Airports with Touchless Technologies

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How To Reach Convenience at Airports with Touchless Technologies

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As all industries are endeavoring to recover, aviation is also getting ready for the upcoming challenges and possible risks by considering the lessons learned in the pandemic. Airport technology is now more important than ever to close the gap between the pre-pandemic travel approach and today’s hesitancy towards air travel. Contactless solutions and convenience provider technologies play a vital role in the race of digitalization to strengthen the safety and security of airports. Luckily, aviation has been investing in touchless technology solutions for several years and the pandemic became an accelerator for building new ones in the same field.

Even though passengers are cautious with social distancing and sanitizing measures, they are still in need of convenience that will decrease the level of their anxiety. As the vaccine roll-out is spreading all over the world, passenger volumes continue to rise day by day. According to Tourism Economics, 18% of the travelers in Europe do not feel confident to plan a trip shortly even vaccination process is the number one issue on their countries’ agenda.

Convenience-Based Contactless Operations

Airports have a chance to attract more people by focusing more on convenience-based contactless technologies. These trends still have the potential to become a game-changer both for airport managers and passengers. Contactless technologies could be categorized under two titles, namely biometrics and contactless operations. Biometrics is relatively new both for airport managers and passengers. It has a direct effect on several operations like security check, check-in, and bag drop. Voice recognition, face recognition, and digital IDs are the fundamental working fields of biometrics technology. Other than biometrics, contactless operations also transform behaviors and workflows at airports. Passengers easily make purchases through mobile apps without touching money, also aligned with social distance needs. Contactless kiosks can help passengers manage their transactions with QR codes and alleviate the workload at bag drop and check-in operations.

Improved Safety & Passenger Satisfaction with Preorder System

Considering the changing needs and emerging challenges, TAV Tehnologies’ new solution PreOrder Platform has been designed to prioritize the convenience and safety of passengers and airport staff. This platform enables passengers to select and order their food from airport restaurants menus before they arrive at the airports or during the check-in process at the airport. The platform offers an online shopping experience with its in-app payment functionality. Passengers are free to choose the delivery point from their mobile app. This automatically brings fewer social interaction and decrease the level of anxiety for people who do not feel safe at areas like restaurants and cafes. Plus, passengers can manage their schedule if they have limited time before their flights owing to the pre-order capability of this new platform.

TAV Technologies PreOrder Management Platform has a positive impact on the non-aeronautical revenues of airports by leveraging the sales increase of the restaurants and cafes.

You can visit PreOrder Management Platform’s web page to learn more about its functions and benefits.

TAV Technologies continuously analyze the passengers’ changing demand and develops new solutions by using the latest technologies with its qualified engineers and managers. We are truly committed to maximizing the benefits for the airports while designing smoother processes for the passengers.