Yes The Robots are coming

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Yes The Robots are coming

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What we have seen in the SciFi movies is no longer a work of fiction, it has become a reality. With the rise of machines and proliferation of connected machines, the question is no longer if, but when, we see the Robots working side by side in our daily lives. We may soon see them working at home, jobs, shops or events.

This transformation will bring disruptive changes required to manage a man-machine workforce which no one knows how? At least not yet!

For now, at least, automation and robots are replacing tasks not jobs. This is an important distinction to make as the majority of jobs involve a wide and changing variety of tasks, only some of which can be automated. This will vary by industry –a factory worker’s job will involve a narrower set of tasks than that of a restaurant manager – but for the foreseeable future the application of AI and robotics will be limited to simple, repetitive work.

That said, we need to prepare for change. These technologies will become more advanced and take on a wider range of tasks, and unless we keep their use in check it is the next generation of workers that will feel the effects. After all, a 50 year-old taxi driver today isn’t going to suddenly become a data scientist overnight.

As employers, as employees, as educators and as a society, we need to start addressing these questions and help ensure our children and theirs will thrive in the workforce as we have.

We need to ensure that we are preparing today’s children for tomorrow’s job. This isn’t about some ‘far future’ of work – change is already happening, and accelerating. The World is changing very fast but it will never be as slow as its today.

The everyday tech decisions we are taking in our homes are already creating a new set of skills in our children. So we can also be developing these softer skills with our children within our own houses right now. Along with caring, collaborating, curiosity and creativity, practicing the art of conversation around the dinner table of today will be a key skill for the meeting table of tomorrow.

As Mr. Emin Çapa humorously remarked; the first rymes of the primary school students will become "Ali makes a robot, Ayşe writes a code"


Onur Altın | TAV Technologies ERP Solution Architect