Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of various devices that work connectedly over the Internet. These devices with built-in sensors could be a mobile phone, wearable watch, even a smart sensor. Embedded sensors provide data integration between different smart objects. This integration creates a piece of valuable information to address specific needs, namely detecting problem areas, giving recommendations, and finding out patterns. IoT solutions play a crucial role for airports in terms of generating endless opportunities to enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and provide the best quality passenger journey.

Beacon Technology


Beacons are wireless transmitters that use Bluetooth technology to send signals to other smart devices nearby. Internet is not needed for beacons to work properly. Instead, they function through Bluetooth low-energy technology. They are one of the latest technological developments that can be used for marketing activities. Beacons simply use location-based searching to trigger an action, such as sending a campaign message or an informative notification, with the help of a Bluetooth connection. Customers need to have their Bluetooth turned on to receive a specific message. If the notification attracts their attention, they can download the content through the Internet.

This technology is highly effective for both customers and organizations in each sector, where physical locations are the main service point. Beacons also offer intriguing opportunities for the aviation industry to build a positive experience at airports as passengers go through various stages until they board a flight.


TAV Technologies IoT Beacon Management System


You can improve your customer satisfaction through targeted and timely interactions, increase the share of your non-aeronautical revenue with the help of TAV Technologies IoT Beacon Management System. You can also have an opinion on passenger behaviors, their shopping preferences, and free time activities. Therefore, you can re-design your retail, dining, and entertainment layouts according to trustworthy consumer behavior data that is captured by regular passenger tracking. As you increase your performance and service level in parallel with customer expectations and preferences, customer engagement and loyalty rise correspondingly. Our technology also provides beneficial insights for passengers about boarding time and queue status as they walk through airport areas. This brings autonomy for people to manage their own time without being constrained by regular flight information announcements.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Create “proximity marketing” campaigns
  • Deliver personalized messages
  • Ability to gauge r passenger insights
  • Real-time notifications for passengers
  • Pro-longed connection with passengers
  • Effective marketing offers and discounts
  • New cross and up sales opportunities
  • Displaying detailed analytics on campaign performance
  • Environmental friendly solution
  • Increase in revenues