Building Technologies (ULV Sytems)

Building Technologies (ULV Sytems)

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TAV Technologies provides solutions for high-end buildings, according to the latest technological trends. We develop integrated, cutting edge designs and build projects with our highly experienced team. Within our wide business partner network, we cooperate with the world’s leading manufacturers and provide hardware and software solutions according to our clients’ business needs. As a leading master systems integrator we will add value to your business whether it is consultancy or a complicated turnkey solution.

  • Integrated Security

    With all of the safety, security, communication and building automation systems that can be installed in an airport, it is a challenge to efficiently manage and coordinate them all...

  • Life Safety and Fire

    In order to protect lives and property at airports, it is vital to quickly detect, locate, verify and contain fires. Terminal halls pose special challenges: crowds, high ceilings, ...

  • Operation and Management

    TAV Technologies manages the queuing experience by counting and tracking passengers as they move in, through, and out of the queue and into the service area. It automatically calls...

  • Professional Audio and Video

    TAV Technologies designs and integrates comprehensive diagrams, details, and specifications to ensure your audio, video, and control systems function with high performance accordin...

  • Services

    TAV Technologies offers Technical Operational Services, Consultancy Services and Implementation Services.