Professional Audio and Video

Professional Audio and Video

Professional Audio/Video

TAV Technologies designs and integrates comprehensive diagrams, details, and specifications to ensure your audio, video, and control systems function with high performance according to your specific needs. Horızon carefully consıders your unıque settıng, and seeks to enhance your systems to ıncrease functıonalıty, collaboratıon, performance, and excellence wıthın your company or organızatıon.

TAV Technologies’ consulting process includes commissioning of the system to ensure all features are fully functioning at high performance. We test all equipment, provide documentation for submittals, as-builts and operation documentation. We offer traınıng to ensure qualıty use and understanding of all systems.


Our service includes the necessary steps essential in creating a tailored visual communication solution for our customers, clients, and partner organizations with an emphasis on proven, reliable technology.  Starting with proven video and audio technology, we leverage simple, intuitive controls providing our customers with functional and productive visual communications environments We understand the quality of your video collaboration experience matters.

Our program adheres to the following design philosophy:

supportive image
  • Design easy to use solutions,
  • Specify reliable, proven technology,
  • Provide the technology platform that will enable a high quality user experience,
  • Ensure all users the ability to clearly see content and to communicate clearly.