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Systems & Telecommunication Consultancy

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A structured management approach for IT service continuity becomes more and more important in current global situation. Terminal buildings are complex organizations including passenger, baggage, ground and security handling through related aviation systems. Infrastructure Management team is in the middle of all processes to support and maintain all necessary IT services 24/7 within SLA conditions. The main purpose is to provide business continuity for the airports in compliance with ITIL, COBIT, IATA and ACI regulations.

Infrastructure Management team;

coordinates and controls all projects related to selection and installation of major information systems for the company. is responsible for the management of multiple information and communication systems and projects, including data, voice, image and aviation automation, as well as following up new technology   and keeping systems up-to-date. coordinates, guides and maintains IT strategies and operational plans supporting overall company mission and business strategy. defines, designs, and implements methodologies and processes for implementing and managing new technologies and services through their life cycles. develops and enforces policy and procedures to ensure the protection of enterprise IT assets and the integrity, security and privacy of information. plans, designs and implements the ITIL compliant change, incident, problem, service desk, and service level management processes.

Technology Solutions


TAV Technologies provides 24/7 support to the airports with specialized technical staff who draw on ten years of experience in the aviation industry, as well as offering local and international consultancy services. TAV Technologies provides services at internationally accepted ITIL, COBIT and ISO standards and has a business partnership with big third parties like ORACLE, Microsoft, etc.

TAV Technologies' integrated structure deploys and manages any system and integration in the field of aviation with its own teams; consisting of Data Storage, Unix and Database Consultancy Services, System and Infrastructure Services, IT and Aviation Systems Consultancy Services and Enterprise Resource Planning Consultancy Services departments.

Data storage, Unix and Database Consultancy Services


TAV Technologies successfully utilizes its experience in operating airports to run Oracle operations. By improving the performance and security of its products with the in-house embedded database solutions, TAV Technologies has been able to provide platforms which operate uninterrupted for its clients. The services TAV Technologies provides are listed below.

  • DB Architecture Design
  • DB Setup Configuration Solutions
  • DB Management System Solutions
  • Performance Tuning & Optimization
  • Unix / Linux Installation, Maintenance & Support
  • Data Disaster Protection Solutions
  • Data Service Availability

Unix, Storage

  • 24/7 Supported Hardware and Operating Systems
  • ESX VMware Installation and Upgrade
  • ESX VMware Disaster Recovery Service Installation and Management
  • Storage Installation and Management
  • Storage Level Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Server Installation and Management
  • Netbackup Installation and Management
  • Backup Management
  • Redhat / Solaris OS Management
  • OS Level Cluster Installation and Management
  • Designing System Room Standards

Oracle Technology

  • 24/7 Database Support
  • RMAN Backup & Restoration Projects
  • Installing and Managing Oracle RAC Databases
  • Installing and Managing Oracle Extended RAC Databases
  • Installing Version Patch
  • Installing Interim Patch
  • Database Security Projects
  • Database Replication Projects (Oracle Streams)
  • Database ASM Migration Projects
  • Database Disaster Management (Oracle Standby Database Installation and Management)
  • Advanced Security (https configuration and network encryption for traffic between the Oracle database and client)
  • Projects for Discoverer
  • Managing Oracle e-Business Suite
  • Oracle Apps DBA
  • Oracle e-Business Suite Installation and Upgrade
  • Oracle Apps Concurrent Management
  • Adadmin Adpatch Utility (Apps Patching)
  • Apps Printer Management
  • Apps Online Cloning
  • Discoverer Server Installation and Management

System and Infrastructure Services: Great Operation Without Interruption


Airports are complex structures where electro mechanics and high level information systems operate in an integrated manner. Operation and development of these systems without interruption is possible only with well designed infrastructure and systems. TAV Technologies fully implements turnkey end-to-end airport systems beginning from design to installation and testing including structural cabling.

  • Airport System Design
  • SCS and LAN Design
  • Network Traffic Utilization Solutions
  • Service Level Management
  • Virtualization Solutions
  • Information Security Solutions
  • Firewall Management
  • System Monitoring

It & Aviation Consultancy Services


TAV Technologies provides aviation IT consultancy services as well as implementing medium and large scale domestic and international airport projects with a global staff. With in-house consultancy units, it supplies complete tender specifications, design and project management services for AODB, FIDS, RMS, CUTE, BRS, LAN, SCS, ULV, MC, ERP, IB and BHS.

Requirements Management


The principal reason for project failure in airport business is the improper management of the requirements. TAV Technologies Consultancy Services understands the business requirements of stakeholders, captures those needs and traces them through development to delivery.

TAV Technologies Consultancy Services has significant experience in requirements management in the field of airport systems projects. Through workshops and personal interviews with stakeholders, TAV Technologies consultants guide project groups and individuals and deliver a clear picture of project goals, priorities, and boundaries, obtaining greater potential for achieving success related to time, cost and quality.

  • Establishing a Requirements Management Plan
  • Eliciting Stakeholder Requirements
  • Stakeholder Requirements Report
  • Creating Use Cases

Design: Fitting Perfectly To Your Requirements


Designs of TAV Technologies Consultancy Services reflect customer requirements in the most practical way within the constraints of budget, timescale and the environment in which you must deliver your project. Our in depth knowledge of the features and capabilities of solutions available in the airport industry allows us to deliver the best possible design for your business requirements, including functional specifications, technical specifications, test cases from use cases and test cases from supplementary specifications.

  • IT Aviation Project Management
  • Professional Services
  • Special Airport Systems Design Solutions
  • Airport Subsystem Integrations Solutions
  • Airport Operations ERP Consultancy

Terminal Systems Consultancy



CUTE enables airports, airlines and ground services companies to access their own IT applications using a series of cutting edge technologies in every area of the airport, in real time and on hardware shared by all users.

TAV Technologies, by optimizing terminal infrastructure, uses CUTE applications to speed passenger flow and raise service quality, providing open architecture which is a low cost, transparent and global solution for airlines and passengers. CUTE system design and installation is one of TAV Technologies’ field of expertise.

As a result of increasing physical area and infrastructure pressure and airline demand for consistency at a global standard, clients are drawn to low cost solutions for meeting their different operational requirements. SITA Airport Connect CUTE used in airports is designed to be jointly used by airline companies to furnish airports with work stations and peripheral networks. With CUTE, airports are integrated at the highest level of security, high speed network environment, multiple redundancy, load balancing, hardware and software monitoring technologies.


In airports with the BRS system, passenger baggage movements are traced from check in to take off and beyond. By using flight information which provides departure, gate and loading ground data, the BRS system provides information to loaders which facilitates the baggage loading process. Baggage containers and cars are assigned to flights and data are recorded as baggage is loaded into containers or storehouses.

As baggage arrives to be loaded personnel are informed whether the baggage will be loaded or not; if the baggage will not be loaded the reason or the problem is also stated. As containers and stacked baggage are being loaded onto the aircraft, the destination of each bag in the aircraft is recorded by the BRS system. This information is very valuable when unloading of baggage is required, as it facilitates the finding of baggage and minimizes delays at departure. BRS manages all baggage finding functions including transit and transfer baggage.

It also decreases costs in general as very different types of management information of the baggage process and inquiry functions are provided. Increased consistency of information regarding passenger baggage improves customer service considerably.

TAV Technologies provides BRS system design, installation and authorized personnel training with its certified administrators. Currently, BRS system support is provided in 5 airports from Istanbul to Tunisia, 24/7 with SLA conditions.


With the VDGS system installed in airports, the model of the aircraft is recognized during its approach to boarding bridges and automatically guided for approach and parking position. Information regarding which bridge an aircraft will be guided to and when, is sent to bridge operators automatically.

VDGS System infrastructure and arrangement designs are developed by experienced TAV Technologies engineers when required aircraft definitions and integration with other systems are planned.

AODB, FIDS, RMS: Supported Integration

Support and maintenance of products developed in-house by TAV Technologies to facilitate passenger flow and establish integration with other aviation systems are provided 24/7 by seasoned administrators.

Backoffice Systems

Index Services: Index services begin with user identity verification and facilitate access supervision and control of sources (files, printers), providing identity verification services for several subsystems. With the group policy within the index services, information security of users within the client’s organization and institutional standards are applied. Within index services the operation of several systems such as DNS, DHCP, ADFS, NAP, WSUS, GPO, OCS is facilitated.

Mail Service: Central mail service manages user mail traffic within a client’s organization; antivirus and anti-spam services work jointly with this system.

Mobile Devices: Our client’s mail service access from mobile devices are secured rapidly and effectively.

Mobile Devices: Our client’s mail service access from mobile devices are secured rapidly and effectively.